The Story We Find Ourselves In

story we findThis book by Brian McLaren opened up a different way of reading scripture and narrative theology; it offered a summary of the story of the Bible in a helpful and memorable format. At the time I was working with young people in a parish church and I wanted to share the insights I learnt with them. At risk of losing much of the richness of the book, I distilled the main parts of the story and produced a ‘study guide’ to  use with groups of young people. I later met Brian at a conference and he asked me to send it to him and apparently it’s still available to download from his website.

I was recently asked about it by one of the young people who had been in that group as he wanted to use it with his youth group – so I’ve dug it out of the archives and here it is, in case it’s of use to anyone else:

The Story We Find Ourselves In Course

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