Give it a Year – Grove Booklet

DSC_6594‘Give it a Year’ was recently published by Grove Books and is a short handbook about the value of a year out or ‘gap year’ for young people.

After many years supporting young people before during and after such experiences and now leading one-year programmes, I believe that such time out can be a significant formative experience and help young people discover their true identity and calling.

The booklet includes stories of young people who I have worked with and have benefited from spending a year or shorter period serving others or working in a different culture or context. Around this is practical discussion of the why’s and wherefore’s of taking a year out and some pointers for youth workers, parents and others who may be offering advice to young people considering this option.

Chapter headings –

1. Introduction

2.’ Become all you are called to be’ – discovering vocation

3. In the Gap – The year out and liminality

4. Helping young people to decide, plan and prepare

5. Stepping Stones- A Year of preparation and training

6. Conclusion.


The booklet is available in print or e-book format £3.95 from  (Youth series -Y34)


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